LRAP series product offering

The LRAP and SRAP series of air bearings are now a standard product from Specialty Components.

These bearings feature a porous wall inlet source and are somewhat more robust than discrete inlet sources. The LRAP and SRAP bearings are unique in their ability to deliver air uniformly over the entire mating surface.

In order to overcome the common non-uniformity of flying heights between batches of ordinary porous media bearings, our engineers developed and refined a proprietary chemical process (TRUEHeight™), which results in a highly homogenous and anisotropic porous material. Using this material, flying heights are assured equivalent from bearing to bearing. There is no need to install and/or adjust flow restrictors or match porous media bearing sets for flying height. Now offered in our well-known standard sizes.

Note: Proper considerations must be made when porous inlet bearings of any type are used in clean room applications.


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