About Specialty Components

Incorporated in 1980, Specialty Components began producing precision products for the optics and aerospace industries. The production of metal optics frequently involved the use of air bearing machinery and measuring instruments. Air bearing consulting work evolved into the production of our standard series LRA linear air bearing pads. Their ease of integration and simple design quickly made them popular throughout the semiconductor industry. At the same time, we began producing our now-popular UTT universal turntable cylindrical bearings for workholding and roundness measurement. With nanometric runout (<50nm), smooth and frictionless motion, UTT bearings found uses in many grinding and diamond turning applications. Working with several universities worldwide providing them custom spherical air bearings led to the development of our standard SRA series. Over the past 10 years their popularity has grown considerably. In 2006, we produced our first 12,000 pound load capacity unit for satellite simulation with a 17" diameter sphere and +/- 45° travel.  The semiconductor industries utilize our spherical air bearings to perform wafer alignment operations critical to the manufacture of semiconductor electronics and their components.  Semiconductor retical production uses these high precision linear air bearings.

Manufacturing in our diamond point turning division has increased 800% since 2002. We have recently added to our CNC diamond turning equipment including a Moore diamond turning lathe with a B-axis. This lathe is capable of producing 20" diameter parts to nanometer form and finish. Also, we have two Nanoform 250 precision lathes. This machinery includes in-process optical measurement of surface form and finish on the machine to speed production.

To further meet our diamond turning needs, we have greatly expanded our ability to measure and characterize surface forms and finish with the recent acquisition of advanced optical measuring equipment. Our non-contact white-light scanning profilometer (Zygo NewView 5000) can resolve vertical surface roughness to 0.1 nanometers with step heights as high as 5mm without damage to the part. Our two laser interferometers (Zygo GPI XP Hr) measure form and flatness to lambda / 50 with parts up to 6" diameter in one measurement. Form and finish measurements can also be performed on our new Taylor-Hobson PGI 1240 surface profilometer with 0.8 nanometer resolution.

Mission and Values

Our customer-centric philosophy is the cornerstone of all activities within our organization and this is seen in our mission and values. While our mission sets our goal, our values define the directions we take in satisfying our customer's requirements.

Our Company’s Mission

We are committed to advancing the performance of our customers’ products and applications by using our knowledge of air bearing design and metal optics manufacturing to innovatively provide precision air bearings and components of unequaled value.

Ethical Business Practice

Truth and honesty in all activities is fundamentally necessary in order to nourish a respectful customer relationship. Each concern or request is treated with careful and considerate diligence.


No matter where or how our products are applied, they will outperform the stated requirements. This statement is the building block from which all design and manufacturing criteria are developed.

Research and Development

Maintaining an innovative edge in our global marketplace is the driving wave for our research and development. Fostering new and creative ideas in our company is a constant and welcomed activity. While providing dedicated management of R & D, employees of all positions are encouraged to engage our engineers and administrators with ideas for new products and better ways of production. A large and growing percentage of our yearly expenditure is dedicated toward this task.

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