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Air Bearing Fundamentals

As with conventional bearings, air bearings constrain the relative motion of a desired object to one or more axes. Nearly every conventional bearing has an analogous air bearing form. For the moment, we will examine a basic linear bearing with cross rollers making contact within a v-groove. Read More »

Gap Sensing Air Bearings Feature Explanation 

Gap sensing air bearings frequently asked questions. Read More »

Orifice vs. Porous Surface Inlet Air Bearings

Specialty Components designs and manufactures both porous surface and orifice inlet air bearings. It is important to recognize that both methods have advantages and disadvantages for a particular application. Read More »


Quality air bearings and diamond turned parts can only be produced where there exists a means to accurately inspect and measure the critical features. In all cases, the standards to which measurement takes place is generally much higher than typically found in conventional quality inspection. To that end, it is often necessary to employ stringent standards and methods. Read more »

Diamond Point Turning Machining Considerations

Areas such as the time required for alignment and collimation of the optical elements in their final subassembly or assembly is greatly reduced by use of integral precision reference surfaces that defines the optical axis and a face normal to the optical axis that can be built into the unit. A further advantage of precision machined or diamond turned optical surfaces is that they can be incorporated as a part of the primary structure that would normally be used to support the optics in use. Read more »

Off-axis Paraboloids Geometry Primer

Definitions of varibles used in describing off-axis parabolas. Read more »

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