Cylindrical Bushing Air Bearings

Cylindrical Air Bearings

Cylindrical bushing air bearings of the LCA series are designed for aerostatic, frictionless rotary motion in one axis and linear motion about the same axis while supporting radial loads using either a porous carbon surface or an orifice fed surface.  Typically used as a bushing on common size linear shafts, they are an economical means to provide frictionless linear motion due to the small number of components required.  They are often paired with other air bearings to constrain motion to one degree of freedom.  Four o-ring grooves on the outside diameter allow the bearing to be inserted within a block or similar structure for even load distribution and compliance.

Many of the products we produce are adapted or customized in some manner to meet specific application requirements.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for within this product line, please contact Specialty Components; we would be glad to help you design, prototype and manufacture your own design.  

Do you need to know more about the differences of porous surface and orifice type air bearings?  Please click on the “Resources” tab above.

Model: Part #: Outside Diameter, inches [mm]: Load Capacity, lbs[N]:
LCAP075 630-43630 1.250 [31.75] 33 [145] View Details
LCAP100 630-43631 1.562 [39.67] 48 [211] View Details
LCAP150 630-43632 2.250 [57.15] 151 [664] View Details
LCAP200 630-43633 2.875 [73.03] 232 [1021] View Details
LCAP250 630-43634 3.375 [85.73] 305 [1342] View Details
LCAP300 630-43635 3.875 [98.43] 350 [1540] View Details
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