Cylindrical Air Bearings LCAP100 / 630-43631

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The model LCAP100 air bearing has a 1.0 inch inside diameter and a 48 pound radial load capacity. Its cylindrical bearing surface carries loads without friction along shafts at a nominal air gap of 10 microns. Radial load may be attached on the outer diameter using a fixturing block or clamping assembly.

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Comparison Table
Load Capacity, lbs[N] 48 [211]
Stiffness, lbs/inch [N/µm] 270000 [47]
Flow Rate, scfh [slpm] 11 [5]
Radial Air gap, microinches [µm] 400 [10]
Physical Properties:
Outside Diameter, inches [mm] 1.562 [39.67]
Inside Diameter, inches [mm] 1.0008 +.0002/-0 [25.420 +.005/-0]
Length, inches [mm] 2.50 [63.5]
Recommended shaft size, inches [mm] 1.00 [25.4]
Shaft Tolerance -0.0002 [-0.005]
Air Bearing Inside Diameter Roundness, microinches [µm] .000050 [.001]
Supply fitting thread, metric [imperial] M3
Material Aluminum/porous carbon
Weight, lbs [N] 0.202 [0.9]
Installation Requirements:
Mating Surface Local Roundness, microinches [µm] .000050 [.001]
Mating Surface Roughness minimum, microinches [µm] 16 [0.4]
Rated Supply Pressure, psig [Mpa] 80 [0.55]
Max. Supply Pressure, psig [Mpa] 100 [0.69]
Air Quality ISO Class 3 or better preferred
Number of Units:
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