Circular Flat Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings LRAVP350 / 615-15221

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This 3.5 inch diameter air bearing carries 74 pounds of load with high stiffness and precision due to its vacuum pocket located within the air film surface. The integral preload force of the model LRAVP350 bearing allows for a reduction in the number of stage components. Frictionless planar motion created by the use of this bearing makes it ideal for coordinate measuring machines, high-speed pick and place tools, semiconductor wafer inspection and a variety of other applications.

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Comparison Table
Load Capacity, lbs[N] 74 [326]
Stiffness, lbs/inch [N/µm] 230000 [40]
Vacuum Holding Force at Rated Vacuum, lbs[N] 35 [155]
Ball Seat Preload Force at Rated Vacuum, lbs[N] 15 [68]
Flow Rate, scfh [slpm] 3.3 [1.6]
Air gap, microinches [µm] 200 [5]
Natural Frequency*, Hz 174
Physical Properties:
Diameter, inches [mm] 3.5 [88.9]
Height, inches [mm] 0.8 [20.1]
Ball Seat Diameter, inches [mm] 0.630 [16.0]
Mating Ball Stem Model number R8M12
Air Bearing Surface Flatness, microinches [µm] 20 [0.5]
Air / Vacuum Supply fitting thread, imperial [metric] M5 [10-32]
Material Aluminum/porous carbon
Weight, lbs [N] 0.691 [3.0]
Installation Requirements:
Mating Surface Local Flatness, microinches [µm] 20 [0.5]
Mating Surface Roughness, microinches [µm] 16 [0.4]
Rated Vacuum, inHg [Mpa] 20 [.06]
Rated Supply Pressure, psig [Mpa] 80 [0.55]
Max. Supply Pressure, psig [Mpa] 100 [0.69]
Air Quality ISO Class 3 or better preferred
Number of Units:
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