Rectangular Flat Air Bearings

Rectangular Flat Air Bearings

The rectangular shape of the LSA series flat air bearings allow for convenient placement within a machine tool or system assembly for frictionless linear travel on a planar surface.  The aluminum housing material provides strength while keeping the overall weight to a minimum.  Along the side of the assembly, a threaded hole accommodates connection of an external air or gas pressure source.  This source will feed either a porous carbon or orifice inlet surface.  LSA series air bearings offer gap sensing1; a feature that allows for live monitoring of the air gap thickness.  This is especially useful during installation where in some cases direct measurement of the air gap using conventional displacement methods is not feasible.  Accessories are offered that allow for simplified mounting and load application through a spherical ball seat on the upper surface of the air bearing. 

A majority of the products we sell are adapted or customized in some way to meet specific application requirements.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for within this product line, please contact Specialty Components; we would be glad to help you design, prototype and manufacture your own idea.

Do you need to know more about the differences of porous surface and orifice type air bearings or how a gap sense bearing can be beneficial in your application?  Please click on the “Resources” tab above.

Download Product Comparison Table

Model: Part #: Length, inches [mm]: Load Capacity, lbs[N]:
LSAP050100 610-22080 0.5 [12.7] 11 [48] View Details
LSAP063125 610-22081 0.6 [15.9] 19 [84] View Details
LSAP075150 610-22082 0.8 [19.1] 30 [132] View Details
LSAP100200 610-22083 1.0 [25.4] 70 [308] View Details
LSAP150200 610-22084 1.5 [38.1] 105 [462] View Details
LSAP150300 610-22085 1.5 [38.1] 192 [845] View Details
LSAP200300 610-22086 2.0 [50.8] 240 [1056] View Details
LSAP200400 610-22087 2.0 [50.8] 320 [1408] View Details
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