Circular Flat Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings

Circular Flat Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings

The flat circular vacuum preloaded air bearings of the LRAV series are similar to the LRA and LSA series bearings in that they provide friction free translational or rotational motion on a surface.  However, LRAV series air bearings add a vacuum pocket in the center of the pad which restrains the bearing to the mating surface with a constant force.  This type of bearing can simplify stage assemblies by reducing the number of bearings needed to constrain motion.  A secondary seal within the pocket isolates the exiting bearing air from the vacuum source; this improves stiffness and load capacity of the bearing while making more constant the preload force.  A simple ball seat is favored over the use of flexure mounts to attach the working load by providing for the use of a vacuum preloaded ball stem.

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Download Product Comparison Table

Model: Part #: Diameter, inches [mm]: Load Capacity, lbs[N]:
LRAVP200 615-15218 2.0 [50.8] 23 [101] View Details
LRAVP250 615-15219 2.5 [63.5] 34 [150] View Details
LRAVP300 615-15220 3.0 [76.2] 51 [224] View Details
LRAVP350 615-15221 3.5 [88.9] 74 [326] View Details
LRAVP400 615-15222 4.0 [101.6] 93 [409] View Details
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